Architects wall views the changing face of market due to technological advances, new strategies and increasing competition as an opportunity to put forth its best efforts. We recognize that each project is unique due to the ever-changing environment, new production, techniques, equipment and needs. Each project is approached from a perspective beneficial to its unique nature. We provide innovative solutions and tailor our services to best todays discriminating clients. Market-specific expertise combined with in-depth analysis and reporting tasks makes ARCHITECTS’ WALL a specialized consulting firm.    



Khalid Mahmud

B. Arch | KU,
M. Arch (pursuing) | BUET

12 years of experience.


Syed Abu Salaque

B. Arch | KU,
M. TPTI | University of Paris.

12 years of experience.


Md. Abu Imran

B. Arch | KU, MIAB

9 years of experience.


Reazul Haque

B. Arch | KU

8 years of experience.



Md. Mujahidul Islam

10 years of experience.



Md. Jahangir Alam

Dip. Arch

3 years of experience


M. K. Mahmud

Dip. Arch

6 years of experience


Sheikh Alamin

Dip. Engr.

2 years of experience